Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers rely on Reynolon® shrink films, as they have for nearly half a century, to enhance sales, safety, productivity, and profits.

Reynolon® and Reynolon Plus™ films are exceptional plastic shrink films:Reynolon Logo

  • Exceptional because their unique properties allow them to be fitted to virtually any shape.
  • Exceptional because of their strength and durability combined with high gloss and sparkling clarity.





Appearance Reynolon® and Reynolon Plus™ shrink films’ superb clarity and secure seals make for eye-catching retail displays.
Protection Broad-range conformity and tough puncture resistance allow our films to shrink safely and securely to virtually any shape; protecting the value of your product.
Performance Manufactured using computerized process controls, Reynolon® shrink films deliver superb performance; allowing you to remain efficient and competitive.
Innovation Our wide spectrum of films are suited to numerous applications. We look forward to understanding your unique needs.