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Stretch wrappers and case erectors are crucial for maximizing packaging efficiency. Stretch wrapping machines enable you to protect pallet loads during shipping, while case erectors make it easy to construct sturdy, reliable product packages.

As leading Lantech packaging equipment suppliers, Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. can provide your business with premium stretch wrappers, case erectors and case sealers to add significant value to your packaging and shipping processes.

About Lantech Packaging Equipment

Lantech manufactures two types of stretch wrapping equipment: automatic and semi-automatic. As the name indicates, an automated machine provides a hands-off experience. It takes the loaded pallet at the beginning of the line and feeds it directly into the designated wrap zone. The next step entails wrapping the load based on the desired control system settings. The wrapped pallet is carried to the end of the line, and the next one automatically enters the system.

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment requires human intervention to implement the process. While the machine handles the wrapping steps, a trained worker must perform the loading and unloading, initiate the wrap cycle and make adjustments to ensure the finished product meets all requirements.

Lantech case erectors for industrial packaging applications can take flat corrugated material and transform it into a fully formed box automatically. They eliminate the need to construct boxes by hand, saving time and labor.

Case sealers close the newly formed box and ensure a tight seal. Lantech automatic case sealers offer a safe, reliable and easy-to-use solution that maintains the box's structural integrity. The random sealing option provides a flexible alternative for packaging lines that handle varying case sizes.

Stretch Wrappers

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Wrap 20-40 loads per hour

Q Series Turntables are the world's most popular stretch wrapper and are customizable for any load configuration. The stretch wrappers are equipped to operate low to medium volume applications.

QL Series Turntables are Lantech's most popular options are bundled into one Performance Package and enhanced with Load Guardian technology. The QL series creates safe-to-ship loads.

S Series Straddles Designed for very light, very heavy, order picked, or very unstable loads. There are no weight limitations since this machine is floor-loaded. Straddles lock the load to a pallet with film cable.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers           

Wrap 45 or more loads per hour

Q Automatics Turntables Providing creative solutions to help customers increase productivity. The Q Automatic stretch wrapper is designed to handle low- to medium-volume applications. The machines come standard with a range of safety features. The Q automatic wrapper has a compact design, which allows wrapping in small spaces.

QL Automatic Turntables Exclusive LeanWrap technology provides you with less waste and safer loads. Provides metered film delivery system, pallet grip and load guardian.

S Automatics Straddles Lantech’s S Automatic stretch comes standard with a wide range of safety features including the interlocked gate. This machine can handle up to 100 loads per hour, making it great for medium to high volume applications. Loads that are light or unstable is ideal for machine due to the wrap arm.

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Case Equipment

Case Erectors

Erect up to 30 boxes per minute 

Lantech has a variety of case handling equipment that ranges from standard machines that can erect up to 10 boxes per minute all the way to high-speed case erectors that can erect 30 boxes per minute and can be customized for your application. Lantech Case Erectors are the key to square cases and no jams!

Automatic Case Erectors provide the structural integrity to deliver the performance their designer intended. From the moment a blank enters the magazine until it exits the case erector as a properly formed and bottom sealed case, this is done under complete control. The flaps are folded before the case moves, making it rigid and locking in its “squareness.” This helps make the package better to create a better stock to provide a protected package.

Multi Format Case Erectors are designed to deliver the performance their customer intended. The weight and size of a case have a major impact on transport costs. Lantech’s Multi Format Case Erector supports this by setting up and delivering the size of box required on demand. The case erector can be equipped with up to 4 blank magazines, depending on the number of case sizes required.

Case Sealers

Seal up to 30 cases per minute

Lantech case sealers handle a variety of case sizes that include flutes, double wall and single-wall. Lantech case sealers establish control immediately when the case enters the machine into spring-loaded side belts Square cases are the key to successful secondary packaging. There are many options from the standard equipment or random case sealer that is more specialized.

Lantech Automatic Case sealers are easy to use, safe and reliable. They provide the structural integrity to deliver the performance their designer intended. Controlling the case throughout the sealing process is the secret to keeping the case square. Lantech case sealers establish control immediately when the case enters the machine into spring-loaded side belts.

Random Sealing Packaging lines with varying case sizes require fast processing in sealing after the product is packed. Built for flexibility, the Random Sealing Packaging is particularly suitable for manufacturing and distribution sites with multiple packaging lines that merge for sealing.

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Why Choose Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc.?

When you partner with us for Lantech stretch wrapping machines and equipment or case erectors and sealers, you'll collaborate with an experienced, full-service distributor you can trust. We've been an industry pioneer since 1967 — our unwavering commitment to developing and implementing innovative packaging solutions keeps us a step ahead of our competitors.

Our solutions-based approach to packaging ensures we can help your company maximize its operational processes. We recognize the importance of matching the right packaging equipment with suitable materials, and we prioritize this goal when recommending products for every customer. Our focus on automation can help you reduce costs, streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

The Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. team consists of well-trained, highly skilled technicians with more than 100 years of combined industry experience. We can assist you with every phase of the equipment implementation process, including installation, setup, training and integration. Our team will also be there to deliver expert service for as long as you own your Lantech packaging equipment. We'll provide prompt, reliable maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services.

These qualities make us a preferred equipment supplier for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individual proprietorships!

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