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Industrial packaging is a compilation of many different and versatile methods of packaging.  Typically focused on product protection during its manufacturing and distribution life cycle, industrial packaging also has many important applications in retail protection and appearance. Whether your application requires protective masking, unitization, or retail appearance please contact us today for more information on our many solutions.

clysar printed film

Custom Films

Our Solutions Let Viking Plastic Packaging’s specialists and sourcing teams find the best solution for…

blank foil pouch


Why Use Pouches? As a growing trend in consumer packaging, pouches are able to provide…

A cardboard box goes through a conveyor system

Protective Packaging

Our Protective Packaging Protective packaging is critically important in minimizing damage to products from hazards…

chalk in blister packaging

Skin and Blister Packaging

Why Use Skin and Blister Packaging? Skin and blister packaging are excellent alternatives to traditional…

Overwrapping machinery at work

OPP Overwrapping Film

The Function of Overwrapping Film Overwrapping, also known as tuck and fold packaging, is a…

produce in shrink wrap

Shrink Films

Shrink-wrap is one of the most versatile and inexpensive types of packaging available for a…

shrink sleeve labels

Shrink Sleeves

What are Shrink Sleeves? Shrink Sleeve Labels Make Your Products Jump From the Shelf Shrink…

business reply mail envelopes


Importance of Strapping and Banding Strapping and banding are the processes of unitizing materials together…

cardboard box with plastic strapping


Parcel Strapping Materials Strapping and banding are the processes of unitizing materials together by applying…

co-pilot 500 printing on box

Ink Jet Fluids

Squid Ink HI-Res / Piezo Replacement Fluids Squid Ink manufactures superior quality ink jet fluids…

box of wine


Importance of Labels Many times packaging applications require a label applied in order to properly…

products in poly bags


Our Bag Solutions Viking Plastic Packaging has an extensive network of LDPE bag suppliers to…

rolls of kraft paper tape

Case Sealing Tapes

Case sealing tapes and adhesives come in various thicknesses, strengths, sizes.  Carton sealing tapes are…

stretch film on a roll

Stretch Film

Stretch film, also known as stretch or pallet wrap, is one of the most popular…

water bottles in shrink bundling film

Shrink Bundling Film

How We Can Help Our shrink bundling films are highly customizable for any application. The…

Wholesale Packaging Materials and Consumables

Packaging protects your products and presents them to customers in an appealing way, helping you better represent your brand and increase sales. If you need a full-service packaging supply and support company, you can rely on Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. We supply packaging and the equipment to apply it to your products and support our offerings with expert equipment installation and service.

As a commercial packaging and consumables supplier, Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. is here to serve all your needs.

About Our Packaging Consumables Selection

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. partners with premium material brands like Shurtape, Clysar and Malpack to provide a diverse range of packaging products for your business. If you sell to consumers, packaging can help market your product with custom designs and a professional look. We also provide B2B packaging consumables wholesale to help businesses protect their goods during transport.

Here are some of the packaging types we offer:

  • Custom films
  • Skin and blister packaging
  • Pouches and bags
  • Protective packaging
  • Shrink films and sleeves
  • Oriented polypropylene overwrapping film
  • Banding and strapping materials
  • Labels and inkjet fluids
  • Shrink bundling film
  • Stretch film
  • Case sealing tape

B2C Packaging Consumables

If your business sells to consumers (B2C), product appearance matters. Consumers use packaging to judge the quality of the products they buy. In industries like food production, your sales depend on packaging. Materials like custom films, low-density polyethylene bags, and skin and blister packaging give your product a unique look, making it more recognizable to consumers. Packaging can also protect your products on their journey to consumers. Products like shrink bundling film keep products bound together to prevent damage during distribution.

If you need help selecting the right products for your application, call Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. today. Our expert team has over 100 years of combined experience providing packaging materials and equipment. We'll help you find packaging solutions that contribute to a user-friendly, recognizable, and personal user experience.

Manufacturing and Distribution Packaging Consumables

When you primarily sell to businesses (B2B), style holds less importance, but protection is critical. We offer various products to help your company ensure goods arrive at distribution centers or retailers without damage. Products like sealing tapes, pallet wrap, and strapping materials protect your merchandise during transport. We also provide inkjet solutions for labeling to help you sort and identify packaged products.

Our manufacturing and distribution offerings help you simplify storage and shipping by binding products together and making them easy to stack on pallets for transport. With the proper commercial packaging and consumables solutions, you can encourage your business partners to continue working with you by providing practical resources that make their jobs easier.

We Supply Your Packaging Needs

With over 50 years as a premier product and machine supplier, Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. has the necessary experience to fulfill all your packaging needs. You can rely on us for equipment sales and training, parts and service, and consumable packaging products. We aim to help you find the best materials to present your products professionally while taking advantage of cost savings opportunities along the way.

If you need end-to-end packaging and consumables solutions, contact our team today. We will help you find the best products for your business.