Custom Films

clysar printed film

Our Solutions

Let Viking Plastic Packaging’s specialists and sourcing teams find the best solution for that special film application you require.  With our extensive knowledge and experience in the packaging world our packaging specialists will recommend, source and execute to most cost effective solution for your application.  Whether it is a hard to find structure of film or a special blend of resins, Viking Plastic Packaging will provide the solution you are looking for.

Printing and Design Services

As a printed film has become a growing trend in the marketplace, Viking Plastic Packaging has answered our customer’s requests to provide a source for printed materials.  Whether you currently have product artwork or if it is a new project for you, Viking Plastic Packaging has the ability to provide you with a solution that will make your product’s packaging eye-popping.  Our design team will work directly with your team to create and proof your very own custom look. Printed packaging will allow your product to stand out from the rest on the shelf and provides a very eye appealing finish. When used in multipacks, printed film allows the retailer to reduce SKU confusion by providing one code to scan and preventing single pack miss-scans. With our ability to print on multitude of packaging materials, our printing solution is sure to provide the results you are looking for. Please contact our team for more information on unlocking the benefits of printed packaging and how it will improve your bottom line.

Laminations, Co-Extrusions & Multi-Structure Films

If your application requires a very high vapor or oxygen barrier, a laminated or multi-layer structured film is the solution you are looking for.  Available in custom formulations designed specifically for your application, you will rest assured that Viking Plastic Packaging’s solution will provide the protection and display properties that your product requires.  Please contact one of our packaging specialists today for more information.