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High-quality shrink films are crucial for prolonging packaging machinery life, reducing consumable waste and minimizing downtime. These solutions prevent quality assurance issues resulting from using inferior materials.

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. offers an assortment of Clysar® shrink films for sale that will dramatically improve results in your packaging operations. As full-service Clysar® shrink film distribution partners, we can provide complete support during the product purchasing phase and beyond.

About Clysar® Shrink Film

Clysar® has been manufacturing superior shrink film products since 1963. Clysar® polyolefin shrink packaging films are a preferred choice for applications such as shipping, product protection, display packaging and many others. The company manufactures its products in the USA under tightly supervised processes, ensuring reliable results that end users can trust.

The benefits of choosing Clysar® film products include:

  • Extensive selection: The expansive shrink film lineup can meet business packaging needs across various industries and markets, as well as multiple retail and distribution channels.
  • Exceptional quality: Clysar® shrink films consist of the strongest, clearest and most durable materials, ensuring maximum longevity and an attractive, glossy appearance.
  • Consistency: All films adhere to critical standards and specifications, delivering consistent quality and performance from one roll to the next.
  • Dynamic new products: Decades of industry expertise give Clysar® the knowledge and insight to remain at the cutting edge of shrink film innovation. The company's product development efforts focus on performance, cost control and sustainability.
  • Collaboration: Leading Clysar® shrink film suppliers like Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. work closely with the company when developing custom products that help their customers overcome their most daunting packaging and shipping challenges.
Our Films (5)

Clysar® Phoenix Premium Performance Film 

Clysar® PHOENIX™ shrink film is an exceptionally versatile, easy-to-run, high-performance film with best-in-class clarity and strength in all gauges. It is an ideal multipurpose film to package virtually any type of product.

Clysar® All-Purpose HP Gold Films 
Clysar® HPG is used when outstanding optics and a tough, durable wrap with strong seals and excellent shrinkage are required. HPG is functional on manual, semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines. HPG is well suited for bundling applications

Clysar® High-Abuse ShrinkBox Film 
Products traditionally packed in cardboard boxes or heavy polyethylene present excellent opportunities to use ShrinkBox® film. Goods wrapped in Clysar® ShrinkBox® film will have enhanced appeal and will remain intact during handling, storage and exhibition.

Clysar® Low Shrink Force LE Gold                                    

Delivering gentle, balanced shrink, strong seals, high strength and tight cleanup at low temperatures, LEG film will not deform or collapse soft, fragile or thin products. Clysar® LEG is recommended to wrap products like: air filters, stationery, thin pads of paper and low-profile products like thin magazines and stickers.

Clysar® Thin LTC All-Purpose Film            

The most versatile of Clysar’s ultra-thin films, Clysar® LTC is designed for packaging a variety of low-abuse products, including box overwraps, bundled items and multipacks. It combines excellent optics and seal strength with the economics of high yield, reduced changeover and downtime and greater use of storage space.

More Popular Clysar® Shrink Films 

Substaniablaty (2)

Sustainable Clysar® EVO™, EVOX™ and EVO-C™ (Confidential) shrink films are high-performance recyclable packaging films developed using the guidelines of the How2Recycle® program. They are one of the few current polyolefin shrink film structures that qualify for the official How2Recycle Store Drop-Off label. (

Safe for the recycling stream, the EVO™ family of films has undergone significant testing and meets the rigorous new protocols and revised requirements of the  How2Recycle program.

Clysar® EVO™ shrink films can be used to package almost any type of product while providing equal performance to traditional polyolefin packaging.

Clysar® EVO™,  EVOX™  and EVO-C™ Shrink Films
Developed utilizing guidelines of the How2Recycle® program, these films offer a prequalification letter for use of the Store Drop-Off label. (Brand owners must submit label use requests.)

Clysar® EVOX™ high-speed, high-strength film provides optimum strength, protection and throughput for demanding shrink applications.

Clysar® EVO™ multi-purpose shrink film is a versatile, recyclable replacement for most existing shrink packaging applications.

Clysar® EVO-C™ confidential film is an ultra-durable opaque shrink film ideal for secondary shipping and stabilization, UV protection, product masking and containment.

A Leading Polyolefin Shrink Film Supplier

When you make us your Clysar® shrink film distribution partners, you get access to decades of industry experience and expertise. As specialists in shrink, stretch and other common packaging materials since 1967, we can deliver the best solution for companies of all types and sizes, ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies.

Our focus on developing long-term relationships with Clysar® and other leading manufacturers enables us to provide custom packaging solutions for our customers. This collaborative approach allows us to determine the right products for your requirements and get them to market as quickly as possible.

The Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. team includes expert technicians who bring more than 100 years of combined experience to every project. We can handle the equipment installation process and test the system to ensure the product meets your quality and performance requirements. We can also assist with the integration and implementation steps.

Our support doesn't end when you buy Clysar® polyolefin shrink wrap film from us. We can also provide prompt repair service and perform rebuilds to give your equipment a second life. We’re a one-stop supplier you can count on throughout the product’s life span.

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