Shrink Film Equipment

Shrink film is a plastic packaging material that can wrap around nearly any product, regardless of size or shape. Once you place the material into position, you apply heat to the film’s surface, triggering the shrinking process. Once heated, the shrink film takes the product’s shape, creating a tight and durable protective seal.

Shrink film comes in various product types, strengths, thicknesses, clarities and shrink ratios. These materials work well alone or with others to create the product protection you need. Today’s shrink film material and equipment have evolved to accommodate the most strict sealability, toughness, force and memory requirements.

Shrink Wrap Packaging Solutions

At Viking Plastic Packaging, we partner with Texwrap and Eastey to bring you some of the industry’s most innovative and efficient shrink film equipment, from L-sealers to heat tunnels to side sealers. These machines provide all the features to seal films for your specific application, including polyethylene, polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Our experienced technical team can walk you through the process of deciding which shrink film equipment best fits your operation’s needs, whether you’re in manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing or e-commerce.

Some advantages of using shrink film equipment for packaging include:

  • Superior protection: Shrink film creates a tight seal around your product, protecting it from harmful substances like dirt, dust and moisture. Most kinds of shrink film are highly durable, making them resistant to tears and punctures. The seal lasts over time and maintains its integrity in variable temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Sustainability: One of the most significant benefits of polyolefin and polyethylene is their recyclability. As sustainability becomes critical in today’s business world, companies need to use the most eco-friendly packaging materials possible. 
  • Affordability: Shrink film is one of the most economically priced and readily available packaging materials. The material’s strength and durability often allow companies to eliminate costly secondary packaging involving corrugated pads or foam inserts. Besides saving on material costs, these features also allow you to maximize your storage space and shelf footprint.

Shrink Wrap Packaging Equipment for Sale

As an authorized distributor for Eastey and Lantech, Viking Plastic Packaging offers an extensive range of shrink film equipment. These machines use the most modern technology to perform accurately and efficiently while providing you the durability and dependability to last many years down the road. Some equipment types we feature include:

  • L-sealers: L-sealers seal the product in shrink film before it goes into the heat tunnel for shrinking.
  • Bundling tunnels: In an automatic system, the bundling tunnel is where the material receives heat and takes the product’s shape.
  • Continuous motion sealers: Continuous motion sealers use motion controls that provide fully automated packaging in nonstop motion.
  • Intermittent motion seal systems: Intermittent seal systems function step by step rather than continuously. Many of these models are more dynamic and versatile than continuous machines, as some can handle a broader range of products, including liquid.

Benefits of Choosing Us as Your Shrink Packaging Equipment Supplier

When you work with Viking Plastic Packaging, you’ll experience many advantages that some equipment suppliers fail to provide. Our team has superior equipment knowledge, meaning we can analyze the types of products you package and recommend the optimal materials and equipment that best fits your operation. Our technical service is unparalleled, including installation, integration, preventive maintenance and repairs. We aim to maintain a strong relationship with our customers for the life of their equipment and beyond.

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