Distribution Center Packaging Solutions

Some retail companies see greater product turnover than others. Grocery stores, for example, may sell out certain brands of cereal daily. Those retailers are likely to turn to a distribution center to store their excess products and simplify restocking.

As the operator of a distribution center, it’s up to you to keep products fresh, saleable and ready for shipment. Using the right packaging materials and equipment is a must.

The Role of Packaging at a Distribution Center

Your distribution center acts as a midpoint on a product’s journey. A batch of products may arrive at a distribution center before being sorted and sent on to further destinations. Supermarkets often have a distribution center that provides inventory to all the stores in a certain region. Distribution centers and warehouse packaging solutions mean that the product stored in the center is always fresh and in good condition. 

Your distribution center needs packaging materials and equipment that can:

  • Keep products fresh: Freshness is particularly important when storing perishable items, such as food and cosmetics. Pouches and shrink films that keep air and moisture away from food and drink are essential.
  • Divide products into even sizes: When products are wrapped on pallets, stores can claim the exact amount of inventory they need to keep their shelves stocked. The rest can remain at the distribution center. Pallets also make it easier to ship products to stores and minimize the use of shelf space at your distribution center.
  • Secure products: Stretch wrappers bundle pallets together, preventing tip-offs and loss. They also help reduce damage to fragile items, such as bags of chips and cookies or fresh fruit.
  • Balance cases: Packaging equipment ensures boxes are put together squarely and evenly, minimizing the risk of collapse or damage.

Distribution Center Packaging Solutions

Your focus should be on packaging products so they are ready to reach their next destination, such as a store shelf. Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. is a service provider for distribution center packaging equipment. Some of the machines we sell, repair and service include:

  • Floor-level palletizers: The Viking FL-3000 palletizer delivers performance and safety. It can handle a wide range of packaging types and is capable of palletizing 20 to 55 cases per minute. A palletizer helps you sort and stack pallets to protect products, ease the transportation process and make the most use of shelf space.
  • Case erectors: The Lantech C-2000 case erector creates perfectly square cases. Square cases are less likely to collapse, providing sturdier protection for goods.
  • Stretch wrappers: The L-series wrappers overcome some of the most common challenges in shrink wrapping, including stretching, breaking and twisting. Thanks to LeanWrap technology, you end up with loads that are safer and stronger.

Distribution Center Packaging Equipment Services

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. can help you make the most of your distribution center. Our solution approach to packaging equipment and service means we go above and beyond for our clients. Whether you need help choosing the right machines, setting up your equipment or training your team to use it, we can help. Call us today at (651) 452-7272 or contact us online to learn more.