Fulfillment Center Packaging Solutions

Fulfillment centers take on the responsibility of holding inventory for retailers and shipping it to customers. They provide a third-party solution that leads to lower costs for merchants and improved shipping speeds for consumers. As fulfillment centers become more common, the need for packaging equipment services for them increases.

The Role of a Fulfillment Center

A fulfillment center’s primary role is to ensure customers receive their orders. When someone orders something online from a company that works with a fulfillment center, it’s the fulfillment center that handles picking the product, packaging it and shipping it. 

Having the right packaging equipment and materials allows your fulfillment center to get orders to customers quickly while ensuring your clients remain happy with your services.

Packaging Products at Fulfillment Centers

Your fulfillment center is capable of handling higher order volumes than individual retailers or merchants can. Using a fulfillment center for packaging also means that a company can offer a greater range of products, as all items can be stored at the center. To meet the needs of your clients, your fulfillment center must efficiently and securely package products before shipping them to consumers. Our full-service packaging solutions allow you to do so.

As a fulfillment center, you work with various clients and can create custom packages for customers. Using equipment such as case assemblers and automated bagging systems means you can move quickly when packing up orders from multiple companies. 

For example, if your fulfillment center contains products from merchant A and merchant B, and a customer orders from both stores at once, the fulfillment center can place both products in the same carton or mailer using an automated bagging system. A label printer makes quick work of applying labels and getting the packages on the road.

Fulfillment Center Packaging Solutions

Purchasing quality packaging equipment for fulfillment centers means you can deliver the fastest service to your clients. When you use equipment to automatically fill and bag products, assemble cartons and apply labels, you can get products on the road faster and increase the likelihood of repeat orders.

 Explore some of the packaging equipment solutions we offer:

  • Weber 5300 Series Label Printer Applicator: The Weber 5300 prints and applies labels automatically so that packages move quickly down the line. 
  • Sharp Automated Bagging System: Fill and seal packages with the automated bagging system. The system opens the bags, fills them with products, then seals them before applying a mailing label. It helps reduce labor costs at your center, as it automates tasks that once had to be performed manually.
  • SB-2EX Random: Assemble cases of varying sizes without slowing down to adjust the machine. The SB-2EX Random automates the case assembling process, making adjustments as needed.

Full-Service Packaging Solutions for Fulfillment Centers From Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc.

Make the most of your fulfillment center with help from Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. We take a solution approach to packaging equipment. We’ll help you choose the right machines, set them up and train your employees. 

We’re here for you if you have any difficulties with your packaging equipment. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and perform repairs as needed. To learn more about packaging solutions for fulfillment centers, call (651) 452-7272 or contact us online.