Wexxar Bel Packaging Equipment

Wexxar-Bel 5150U

Wexxar-Bel WF30H

Our Most Requested Machines 

Bel 5150 WFPS                       

Semi-automatic form, pack & seal system                                                            The BEL 5151U is a semi-automatic form, pack, and top and bottom seal system on a unitized platform. This machine is most used for standard case size applications with a user friendly and timely to use system.  This system is easy to change sizes, dependable and lasting performance. Provides positive mechanical case hold-down to keep boxes in place for a hands-free loading. Its dynamic flap-folding systems folds all bottom flaps.

Bel WF30H

Fully Automatic High Speed Hot Melt Case Former
The WF30H is a top of the line, high speed, fully automatic case former. By having the servo driver motor this allows the machine to drive unmatched levels of case forming precision, performance, and reliability. This machine is great for high-speed applications with lighter or recycled ridged. The WF30H Wexxar provides an intuitive smart experience which allows for easy machine operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


At Wexxar Bel corrugated container packaging applications are limited only by the imagination. Wexxar case formers and case sealers have been installed in nearly 40 countries and consistently bring customers the lowest cost of ownership and the highest standards of safety.