Used Industrial Packaging Equipment

Plant managers and business owners often think about ways to streamline efficiencies and improve production processes, especially in industries as competitive as packaging and distribution. While purchasing new equipment might seem like the most effective option, refurbished packaging machinery can often perform just as well. At Viking Plastic Packaging, we offer various makes and models of used and refurbished packaging equipment that are reliable and cost-effective for your budget.

Used and Refurbished Packaging Equipment for Sale

Although the pricing of used packaging machinery can be attractive at first glance, it’s critical to do your homework before committing to a purchase. Our experienced staff has more than 100 years of combined industrial and technical experience, so we can walk you through some of the things you may have overlooked. We can also help you identify the vital differences between used and refurbished machinery.

Used machinery typically comes in as-is condition, while rebuilt packaging systems have been repaired, tuned up and upgraded with newer parts. When buying reconditioned machinery, you often receive a piece of equipment nearly as good as new. Parts availability should be easy, and servicing should present very few problems.

Some critical factors to think about when buying a used or refurbished packaging system include:

  • The machine’s age.
  • Its condition.
  • Cost.
  • Parts availability.
  • Serviceability.
  • Production limitations.

While all these factors play critical roles in your purchase, production limitation might be the most vital because using equipment that can efficiently perform to your specific niche is essential. It’s crucial to own machinery that can handle the same materials you use while performing accurately and efficiently. Our team can help you analyze these areas and assist you with choosing the best equipment make or model for your material handling.


Shop Used Stretch Wrap Machines, L-Bar Sealers and Other Packaging Equipment

At Viking Plastic Packaging, our knowledge and understanding of the industry have established us as one of the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers of new, used and refurbished industrial packaging lines in the region. Our service to you goes far beyond the initial sale. We aim to provide you with all the manufacturing and equipment packaging technical expertise you need to keep your equipment running smoothly for many years.

Several examples of the types of used and refurbished machinery we sell are:

  • Bag sealers.
  • Case tapers.
  • Conveyors.
  • Heat tunnels.
  • L-Bar sealers.
  • Stretch wrappers.
  • Shrink bundlers.

Our extensive parts inventory allows us to provide quick service and delivery if you need a repair or parts replacement.

Choose Viking Plastic Packaging for Used Packaging Equipment

At Viking Plastic Packaging, we’re committed to going above and beyond your equipment needs. We sell only the most durable and dependable packaging systems to provide you with many years of service. We’ll also give you insight and expertise to keep your machines running at optimal efficiency with minimal downtime.

Our experienced staff is available to consult with you on what machinery is the best choice for your specific operation. Many of our technicians have been trained directly by the original equipment manufacturer in technical and production applications. 

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