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Does your business rely on stretch film to meet your product packaging needs? Choosing the best material is critical for ensuring maximum equipment uptime, minimizing waste and extending the machinery's life span.

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. has partnered with Malpack, a leading Canadian stretch film manufacturer since 1998, to provide an extensive selection of stretch film products for a wide range of industries. We support our Malpack product lines with premium services to maximize your customer experience.

About Malpack Stretch Films

As a leader in the packaging material supply industry, Malpack manufactures a wide selection of premium products for various industries and applications. Malpack hand-grade and machine-grade stretch films meet the highest performance, quality and durability standards. With the company's continuing focus on innovation, you can expect more advanced products and packaging solutions to appear in the coming years.

Benefits of choosing Malpack products include:

  • Optimal performance: Malpack high-performance stretch films typically outperform traditional products when keeping loads secure and contained during transit. They deliver exceptional puncture, tear and cling resistance, giving you extra confidence and peace of mind that your shipments will arrive undamaged.
  • Cost savings: Wrapping loads with Malpack products requires less film than when using traditional materials, resulting in lower consumables costs. The superior quality prevents expensive damage, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher retention rates. These cost reductions can positively impact what matters the most: your company’s bottom line.
  • Sustainability: Because you need less film to wrap loads, using Malpack high-performance products lessens the demand for manufacturing resources. The decrease in damage also means that fewer discarded goods will end up in landfills. Consequently, these products can offer a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Hand Grade Stretch Film

Platinum Max hand film is a premium resin blend that provides maximum load control, puncture resistance and film stiffness that allows thinner gauge profiles to be used.

Max Wrap is a 5-layer premium hand film that has been engineered to meet and exceed all load and application requirements. Reduces load shifting for a tighter package and exceptional cling.

Vmaxx Pre-stretch hand film is ultra-thin and lightweight making this a manageable film yet firm enough to hold your product. This film is ergonomically friendly and helps lessen the physical strain on the labor force while providing less roll damage when dropped.

Machine Grade Stretch Film

Axis 2.0 Stretch Film is Malpack’s most advanced machine film. Provides ultra-high performance for all applications. This film has the highest load control in thin gauge profiles while having an extreme down-gauging ability. The Axis 2.0 can reduce your film consumption and carbon footprint by up to 40%.

Platinum Max Machine Film is an industry-leading and ultra-high-performance film. With a wide variety of gauge profiles. This high clarity film is puncture and tear-resistant.

Pro-Max Film is the 1st generation high-performance machine film. This film will compete with leading high-performance machine films without losing control or machinability.

Stretch Max is a standard performance machine film that is very versatile film for most applications. This film has pre-stretch levels up to 300%.

Cold Max Machine is designed to be used in the harshest places from outdoor storage and dusty environments to perishable and freezer applications. This film provides incredible holding strength and an enhanced cling package with no tails.

Why Make Us Your Malpack Stretch Film Distributor?

When you choose Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. as your Malpack stretch film supplier, you get decades of industry experience and expertise. We've been in business since 1967, so we understand the unique packaging challenges your business faces and what it takes to overcome them.

Unlike many other stretch film distribution partners, we collaborate with our customers to deliver custom packaging solutions. Whether your company is a sole proprietorship, Fortune 500 corporation or another entity, we'll help you make the ideal match between materials and applications to optimize production, reduce costs and get your products to market faster.

At Viking Plastic Packaging Inc., we do more than sell packaging equipment, supplies and consumables. We also provide reliable support before, during and after the sale. Our expert technicians can install and set up any product you purchase and provide in-depth training to ensure your crews know how to use it productively and safely. You can also count on us to integrate the product with your existing systems and provide timely troubleshooting and repairs to keep it in peak operating condition.

Explore Your Malpack Stretch Film Options Today

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