Industrial Packaging Solutions

Some products need extra care and attention when being packaged and shipped. Industrial goods, for example, are typically large, expensive, made of sensitive components or some combination of the three. The right packaging protects those products from moisture, vibrations and theft. 

If your company produces industrial products, you need a packaging solution that’s cost-effective, efficient and automated.

Industrial Packaging Solutions

Industrial products are more heavy-duty than everyday products, so the packaging you use needs to be more heavy-duty, too.  Depending on the industrial materials your company produces and sells, you may need a variety of specialized packaging materials and equipment. Industrial packaging usually focuses on protecting products during manufacturing and distribution.

While the term “industrial” can make it sound like the products involved are only used in heavy industries or with heavy machinery, many retail products also benefit from industrial packaging. A full-service industrial packaging solutions provider can help you determine which packaging options are right for you.

Some options include:

  • Banding and strapping: Bands and straps hold several cartons or containers together during shipping. They also help reinforce a single carton or box, adding a layer of strength and protection. 
  • Protective packaging: Protective packaging helps absorb shock, reduces the risk of collapse and protects against abrasion.
  • Shrink films and shrink sleeves: Shrink films keep moisture and air away from sensitive industrial equipment. Shrink sleeves also offer protection and an opportunity for branding. 

Industrial Packaging Equipment Services

You need more than the right packaging for industrial products. You also need the right equipment for that packaging and a partner who will be with you at every step, from equipment setup to troubleshooting and repair. Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. offers end-to-end industrial packaging solutions.

Explore some of our equipment solutions for industrial packaging:

  • FL-3000 Floor Level Palletizer: The FL-3000 offers a combination of performance, safety and flexibility. It works with various package types, such as trays, cases, bales and crates. It’ll help you stack and sort pallets without damaging the products or putting physical stress on your team members.
  • C-2000 Case Erector: If you need square cases, you need the C-2000 case erector. Its method of opening cases and folding them ensures they stay square. You’ll benefit from cases that stack, protect and pack better. 
  • L-Series Wrappers: Automatically load and wrap industrial products with L-series wrappers. The machines use the right containment force to ensure wrapping success. You’ll enjoy safer loads and reduced wrapping waste.

Full-Service Industrial Packaging Equipment Solutions 

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. provides the solution approach to packaging. We sell packaging materials and equipment to keep your industrial products safe and secure and to comply with applicable regulations. As an end-to-end industrial packaging solutions provider, we work with you to help you select the right equipment. We then set up the machines and train your team to use them. We also offer troubleshooting and repairs when necessary.

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