Lantech SL Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. is your headquarters for Lantech stretch wrapping equipment that helps secure and protect your goods during shipping. 

The premier Lantech lineup includes an SL automatic straddle stretch wrapper that is ideal for securing heavy, unbalanced and unstable loads. It operates by maneuvering around the goods, which remain stationary during the process. The automatic performance of these machines enables them to save time and labor and reduce costs. 

About the Lantech SL High-Speed Automatic Stretch Wrapper

This Lantech high-speed stretch wrapping system streamlines the load preparation process while maintaining security and safety. This high-performing equipment features advanced Load Guardian technology that simplifies the setup process. The innovative Meter Delivery System stretches the wrap tighter without damaging the load. 

Specifications & Warranty Information

Depending on which speed package you select, the high-speed stretch wrapper can accommodate up to 110 loads per hour while the wrap arm speed can reach 40 rotations per minute. You can choose from 5-foot, 10-foot and 12-foot conveyor wrap zone sections, and the machine features a VFD motor-controlled wrap arm drive. 

The Lantech SL high-speed automatic stretch wrapper is an excellent choice when you need to process heavy, unstable loads quickly and securely. Examples include oversized pallets, cabinets, barrels, bottles and wire spools. This equipment comes with a three-year, unlimited-cycle warranty, giving you extra protection and peace of mind. 

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