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The Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. Approach

At Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc., we have a tried-and-true method to help our partners find the best equipment and materials for their products. To ensure you can access premium equipment and materials, we:


  • Provide premium technology: Our team takes the time to find all the best technology for the plastic packaging industry. We provide equipment and materials designed with optimal features and specifications for the field.
  • Apply it to your process: Finding the right products is just the start. We also help you integrate premium packaging solutions into your manufacturing process.
  • Maximize efficiency and performance: Our team knows the industry inside and out, and we want to help you succeed in every way. We focus on optimizing automation and finding proper materials for your application. During machine installation, we ensure an effective layout and product flow. Our team also offers assistance long after installation with our end-to-end packaging solutions, supplies and service.

The Benefits of Premium Equipment and Materials From Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc.

We provide top-of-the-line equipment, materials and maintenance services for businesses requiring packaging solutions. Our goal is to provide access to premium products and end-to-end service for all of our partners. With these goals in mind, partnering with Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. as your full-service packaging solutions provider needs comes with numerous benefits, including:


  • Products to market faster: We choose high-end machines and materials because we know the importance of having protective, durable packaging for the manufacturing and distribution processes. We ensure the equipment and materials will optimize productivity, ensuring your products get on the market as fast as possible.
  • Cost-effective machines and equipment: We provide premium machines and materials because we know they are built to last. The investment you make in the equipment and supplies we offer is worth it because they are durable, functional and help you get the job done in the best way possible for lower packaging costs over time.
  • Equipment service and installation: Our teams have the necessary expertise to install and service all machines at your facilities correctly. Professional service ensures wrapping machines and other equipment perform at optimal levels. We are a leading OEM parts and service provider, meaning we will be here with you from installation to the end of the product's life.
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Packaging Equipment

We have a full line of packaging equipment and innovative turnkey packaging solution services that are designed to improve production efficiency and maximize profits for our partners.

Sharp Max Pro 24 Automated Bag Sealer


eastey erx15 case erector

Case Erecting/Sealing

A piece of equipment that seals packages


A piece of friction feeder equipment


A piece of packaging equipment that does laser coding


A conventional floor palletizer


EDL Double Tight Shrink Wrap System

Shrink Packaging

AFM LX-100 Wrapping Bottles

Shrink Sleeving

ATS US-2000 AD Banding System

Strapping & Banding

lantech sl stretch wrapper

Stretch Wrapping

Packaging Materials

Materials We Offer

Why-Clysar-Banner_v7 (1)

Premium Shrink Films

Shrink-wrap is one of the most versatile and inexpensive types of packaging available for a multitude of applications.


OPP Overwrapping

Overwrapping is a fully enclosed wrap using heat sealable films and can be filled and sealed either horizontally or vertically.


Stretch Films

Stretch film is a popular unitization method for securing boxes or bags to a pallet for safe shipment in today's marketplace.


Industrial Packaging

Full-service solutions for industrial packaging are focused on product protection during its manufacturing and distribution lifecycle.

Shurtape 4

Carton Sealing Tapes

Carton sealing tapes are used for all types and environments of carton closures either by manual applications or automated equipment.


Custom Films

Let Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc.'s specialists and sourcing teams find the best solution for that special film application you require.


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of combined experience to handle any job

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Technical Service

Experts in the Packaging Field

Viking Plastic Packaging Inc.’s commitment to service and adapting to our customers’ needs has established our reputation. Our highly trained service technician team provides various services to our end users on a wide range of volumes and types of production. Our trained team will assist you with set-up, troubleshooting, training or repairing your equipment.

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About Us

We believe in partnerships that create solutions

As an industry leader since 1967, Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. continues to meet and exceed its primary goal of providing customers with the best packaging solutions at the lowest possible cost. Backed by the industry's finest equipment, materials and technicians, Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. has continued to stand out in its ability to deliver the goods for more than 50 years!

Find Your Solution With Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. Today

At Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc., we are a full-service packaging equipment and service provider. We offer new and used equipment and materials. We also provide comprehensive and consistent service and installation for our machines. With decades of experience, our team knows how to handle any job and help you find suitable products. Browse our website to see everything we offer or contact us online today to find your packaging solution.