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Shrink-wrap is one of the most versatile and inexpensive types of packaging available for a multitude of applications. As a shrink film packaging distributor, Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. has asserted itself as the nationally known premier provider for shrink film solutions. The finest films available enable us to match the proper film to your specific application. With years of experience and knowledge, let our packaging specialists provide your solution to any shrink-wrap application.

Shrink Film Applications

Shrink film has applications in several industries. This packaging solution is especially common for the following:

  • Air filters
  • Stationery
  • Magazines
  • Stickers
  • Baked goods
  • Frozen foods
  • Bundled goods
  • Candies
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Software, CDs and DVDs
  • Lawn and garden items
  • Cleaning products
  • Personal care products
  • Industrial products

Clysar® Shrink Films

We source Clysar brand shrink films because they are some of the best in the business. The Clysar shrink-wrap styles we carry include:

  • Clysar Phoenix Premium Performance
  • Clysar All-Purpose HP Gold Films
  • ClysarHigh-Abuse ShrinkBox Film
  • Clysar Low Shrink Force LE Gold
  • Clysar Thin LTC All-Purpose Film
  • Sustainable Clysar EVO™, EVOX™ and EVO-C™ film

The Benefits of Working With a Commercial Shrink Film Supplier

In the packaging industry, how your shrink film affects your equipment is an essential consideration. We only offer premium solutions for both at Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc.  Whether you have a brand-new machine or want to prolong the life span of your current installation, using premium products will help. 

Well-made, high-quality products will increase your equipment’s performance levels. These products are designed to work properly and keep your machines running as intended.

The Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to business. Our aim is to help all our partners find premium materials and equipment for their packaging needs. We take several steps to achieve this goal:

  • Source advanced technology: Our experienced professionals search for the most innovative shrink film materials and equipment. Our goal is to find products designed with efficiency and optimization in mind.
  • Enhance performance in your facilities: We understand the plastic packaging industry in all its forms and want to pass that knowledge along to you. We ensure you have valuable automation and suitable materials based on your application. Our teams understand that machines need routine upkeep, so we offer continued services throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Choose products for your application: Our team will start sourcing the best quality equipment and materials for the packaging industry and then go even further. We will find products specifically for your jobs and help you integrate those solutions directly into your manufacturing setup.

Find Shrink Film Packaging Solutions From Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. Today

As a wholesale shrink film packaging supplier, we understand the importance of having the right equipment. To get you started, we offer several Texwrap machines, including:

  • Side seal wrappers
  • Lap seal wrappers
  • Vertical seal wrappers
  • L-seal wrappers

We are a full-service provider, meaning we are with you from the start of the buying process through the end of the product’s life. We carry new and used equipment and various shrink-wrap materials. We also offer technical support, equipment refurbishing and replacement or spare parts. Our comprehensive installation and maintenance services help prolong your machine’s life so you can become a top competitor in your industry.

Our decades of experience give us the knowledge to help you find the best equipment and shrink film wrap for your application. Contact us online or browse our product selection to find your packaging solution today.

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