Case Sealing Tapes

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Case sealing tapes and adhesives come in various thicknesses, strengths, sizes.  Carton sealing tapes are used for all types and environments of carton closures either by manual applications or automated equipment.  Adhesives are designed for either permanent or removable applications and our packaging specialists utilize the over 40 years of experience in the market to recommend to correct solutions for your applications.  Please contact us and we would be glad to assist you with your packaging needs.

At Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc., we offer the most optimal packaging tape solutions from the top manufacturers. We supply a wide variety of products to meet the needs of various applications across a broad range of industries.

A Trusted Carton Sealing Tape Supplier

Several types of tapes we offer include:

  • Pressure-sensitive carton-sealing tape: Carton-sealing tape is one of the most popular packaging tapes available and is practical for many applications, such as sealing boxes and bundling packages together. This tape will likely be your best option if your needs are basic and straightforward. Carton-sealing tape comes in various grades in a large assortment of brands, sizes and styles.
  • Water-activated paper tape: This tape is most common for corrugated carton-sealing applications. Moistening the tape before applying it to the carton strengthens the adhesive’s bond by adding an aggressive and permanent seal to the package. The bond is often so strong that the tape cannot be removed without damage, making it perfect for tamper-proof applications.
  • Printed tape: These tapes indicate specific messages, directions or warnings on sealed cartons. These messages communicate instructions for handling or information about the carton contents, like a product’s fragility or important unpacking instructions. Printed tape can also help a brand stand out by displaying a company’s name or logo.

Premium Packaging Tape Manufacturers

Viking Plastic Packaging is an authorized distributor for some of the world’s premier tape manufacturers, including Intertape® and Shurtape®. We stock many of the most popular products from each brand for quick shipment. Our partnerships with these companies allow us quick access to specialty and custom tapes to meet your application’s specific needs:

  • Intertape®: Intertape Polymer Group®’s pressure-sensitive, water-activated and industrial tapes are among the industry’s most versatile packaging solutions. Intertape’s products boast holding power formulated for the most consistent and reliable closures. Each Intertape product grade utilizes specific adhesion properties, making these products ideal for storing, packing, shipping and moving applications.
  • Shurtape®: Since 1955, Shurtape has been an industry leader in developing the most innovative packaging tape solutions. Shurtape serves various industrial markets with a comprehensive product catalog that includes masking, paper, foil, double-coated, cloth, duct and other specialty tape products. Shurtape also offers some of the industry’s best packaging dispensers and other automated taping equipment.
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Choose Viking Plastic Packaging as Your Packaging Tape Supplier

At Viking Plastic Packaging, we realize each customer is different in their operations and product needs. That’s why we offer multiple solutions for various applications from some of the most trusted brands. Our experienced team can help you evaluate your production lines to determine which tape solution is best for you.

Additional advantages of working with us include:

  • Cost savings: Our broad range of products from several of the industry’s top machine pacaging tape suppliers provide you with the most cost-effective options.
  • Industry expertise: Our team is among the most technologically sound in the industry. We know what materials work best on specific machines and which tape products offer the highest performance levels.
  • Customer service: We understand the importance of operating your equipment efficiently and smoothly without unnecessary downtime. Our team will go out of their way to get you the products you need quickly and affordably.

Purchase Wholesale Sealing Tape Today

Viking Plastic Packaging’s specialists utilize more than 40 years of experience in the market to recommend the correct solutions for your applications. Please contact us, and we would be glad to assist you with your packaging needs.

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