Lantech C-2000 Case Erector

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. offers the advanced case erector C-2000 from Lantech that enables you to form boxes faster. 

The Lantech C-2000 automatic case erector can add value to your secondary packaging operations. It allows you to create square cases with 90-degree angles on all four sides. This erector provides more precise control while minimizing your dependence on human labor. You’ll also experience a significant increase in stacking strength. 

C-2000 Features

The premier Lantech C-2000 inline case erector includes a specially designed pickup frame that forces the case to open after pulling it from the magazine. A built-in pusher bar delivers the case to the side belts that carry it to the sealing device. The result is a properly formed square case with a tight bottom seal.

C-2000 Specifications

The Lantech C-2000 automatic box former can generate eight to 25 boxes per minute, and options are available that can vary the speed. It’s compatible with multiple case types, including RSC, HSC and FEFCO 0200/0201. The case erector comes in several flute types, including B,C and E and various combinations. Single- and double-wall options are also available. 

You can modify the machine’s outfeed height to meet your project’s requirements. The infeed capacity can reach approximately 200 cases. You’ll also benefit from the three-year Lantech warranty that covers unlimited cycles. 

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