American Film & Machinery’s LX-150 Shrink Sleeve Label and Tamper-Evident Band applicator serves full body and cap, full body, and middle uses.

AFM LX-150

The American Film & Machinery or AFM LX-150 is ideal for low to moderate production rates. The LX-150 is versatile and suited to various industries — manufactured and consumer goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, and food and beverage. 

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Enhance Your Shrink Labeling Production

The shrink sleeve label applicator and tamper-evident band applicator are economical and diverse, allowing you to adapt to changing packaging needs. The LX-150 offers:

  • Increased efficiency: The in-line bullet-style mandrel labeling system meets your workflow’s demands for oval or round containers. Position the LX-150 next to any conveyor, providing accurate shrink sleeve placement of up to 300 items per minute. The sturdy and premium design enables 24-hour nonstop operation with a momentary splice stop in between. 
  • Improved results: The innovative LX series is engineered with servo-driven, PLC-controlled driver rollers, cutter assembly and shooting wheels, resulting in precision and consistent shrink labeling. 
  • Optimized operation: Size changes are quick and straightforward. Adjust the cut length electronically and switch mandrels with a turn of a knob. The two-lever cutter assembly also enables speedy adjustment and minimal downtime.

This shrink sleeve labeler’s robust design, maximized uptime and low cost of ownership make the LX-150 the right choice for your business.

Sharpen Your Workflow With the AFM LX-150

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