Eastey Performance Series Bundling Tunnels

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. can supply your business with high-quality Eastey Performance Series shrink tunnels that ensure positive shrinking in your polyethylene film packaging applications. With these bundling tunnels, you’ll experience the same performance as more expensive equipment at a cost that fits your budget. 

About Eastey Polyethylene Shrink Tunnels

Eastey bundling tunnels implement a four-directional variable airflow that generates a positive shrink for your film. You can also adjust the flow and velocity to adapt to multiple products and applications. The 12-gauge steel construction enables the tunnels to withstand the rigors of daily use. Eastey manufactures these products in the USA using stringent performance and quality control standards. 

ETB3012 & ETB3020 Specifications

The premier Performance Series product line includes the EASTEY ETB3012 bundling tunnel and the larger ETB3020 bundling tunnel. Both versions feature a dead roller specifically designed for polyethylene film use. They also have a user-friendly control panel that allows you to adjust the equipment for multiple applications. 

Other features include large ducting that generates increased air volume inside the tunnel. The easy-to-use design requires minimal training, so you can introduce the product to your team with a reduced learning curve. Leveling legs provide reliable support for the tunnel while heavy-duty casters enable you to transport the product throughout your plant or facility. 

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