Lantech S Series Automatic Wrapper

Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc. is your source for Lantech® S Series automatic wrappers that make applying stretch film faster and easier than traditional manual approaches.

Benefits of an Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Adding a Lantech automatic stretch wrapper to your facility can help your company maximize its resources in numerous ways:

  • It speeds up the process, boosting throughput.
  • It reduces manual labor needs, increasing efficiency.
  • It achieves greater elongation than manual wrapping, saving money and reducing waste.

Features and Specs

Each has a standard pre-stretch of 250%, with multiple options available. Upgrades include a 6,000-pound capacity turntable and a cold package offering reliable operation in temperatures as low as -13 degrees C and 10 degrees F. Other key technical performance aspects include:

  • Production speeds of up to 110 loads per hour.
  • Maximum load size of 1,473mm L x 1,473mm W x 1,905mm H (58 x 58 x 75 inches).
  • Minimum load size of 914mm L x 914mm W x 686mm H (36 x 36 x 27 inches).
  • Wrap arm rotation speeds of up to 35 rotations per minute.

Lantech S Automatic Wrapper Warranty Information

Lantech equipment has a reputation for quality, durability and generous warranties. The company offers three years of coverage for all parts with no cycle limits. Extended coverage is available for extra peace of mind.

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