Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper

About the Q-300 Stretch Wrapper

Experience greater versatility with the Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper that can wrap a variety of fragile loads as well as heavy and tall products like doors and window panes. The streamlined wrapping process gives you consistent, reliable and quality output each time.

With customization options, you can select from a wide range of choices for equipment that meets your specific requirements. In addition, the Q-300 Stretch Wrapper offers intuitive controls with minimal training required. Plus, this machine helps you reduce your environmental impact due to using less stretch film.

Features of the Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper

The Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper is designed to the highest safety standards with no tripping hazards or pinch points. All wires and motors are entirely covered. Other features include:

  • Pallet Grip® minimizes pallet slip and risk of damage while in transit
  • Turntable washdown uses water to clean the turntable
  • 220 V – 50/60 Hertz 15 AMP
  • Operates below -1 C to -18 C (+31 F to 0 F) and freezer environment temperatures of of -29 C (-20 F)
  • Ramp allows operators to place the load onto a turntable with a pallet jack or forklift
  • Extended wrap height
  • EZ Weigh™ integrated scale
  • Forklift stop
  • Optional pit mount that allows the operator to place the load on the turntable at floor level
  • Oversized turntable available for increasing the width and length of loads
  • Can operate in a corrosive environment
  • Power Roller Stretch Plus – Film Delivery System (FDS)
  • Netting FDS for loads that require ventilation
  • Dual turntable allows you to add a second turntable for increased efficiency
  • “Non Powered” Turntable Conveyor
  • “Non Powered” Conveyor
  • Auto Film Cut-off™
  • NEMA 12 enclosure keeps dirt, dust and moisture from sensitive electrical parts of the machine

Benefits of the Lantech Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapper

Give your operation a boost in efficiency with the Lantech Q-300 Stretch Wrapper. This machine can wrap a pallet of products faster than a person can do it manually. Each wrapping job takes only a few minutes for high throughput.

Increased safety is a priority in any packaging facility. With a semi-auto stretch wrapper, minimal physical exertion is required, which lowers the risk of injury. This equipment delivers consistent stretch wrapping so that your pallet is evenly secured and products are stacked uniformly.

You can also customize your stretch wrapper to meet the different shipping and storage needs of your business by adjusting speed, tension and film layers.

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