Semi-Automatic Form Pack and Seal System BEL 5252U

The BEL 5252U combines the functions of a semi-automatic case former and packing station with a fully automatic top and bottom case sealer as single machine unit to make a complete case forming, packing and sealing system requiring only a single operator.

The case former section folds the bottom flaps of RSC case blanks opened and presented down into it and then firmly holds the case ready for packing. As the filled case is pushed out of the former into the combined case sealer, the top flaps are folded automatically ahead of taping and the former resets automatically ready to receive the next case blank. The sealer section Uni-Drive conveyor, with a single motor synchronously driving both side-belts, holds cases securely and keeps them square for top and bottom tape sealing with either 2” or 3” wide tape.

The BEL 5252 is electro-pneumatically operated and requires 120V single-phase electrical power together with compressed air at 80-90 psi. / 6 Bar.

Bel 5252U Key Features

  • Dynamic flap-folding system power folds all bottom flaps
  • Positive mechanical case hold-down keeps box in place for hands-free loading
  • Snap Folder ultra-safe design folds flaps without the use of dangerous flap kickers
  • Uni-Drive squaring technology that provides a consistent and uniform seal on cases
  • Unitized and quick tool-less case size change
  • Designed and built in North America with premium materials
  • Reliable, consistent “no break” tape advance with Dekka SE22 stainless steel 2″ tape heads

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