Semi-Automatic Form Pack & Seal System BEL 5150-U

The BEL 5150u is a semi-automatic form, pack and top and bottom seal system on a unitized platform. This machine is a perfect fit for applications with standard case sizes looking for a user-friendly and convenient to use system.

A unitized platform combines case size adjustments and has a reduced machine footprint. The BEL 5150u comes standard with a KDF box stand attachment for convenient and ergonomic operation. Similar to other Bel machines, the BEL 5150u features the Uni-Drive System which powers both side belts with a single motor, keeping them synchronized to provide a square seal even after years of use.

BEL 5150-U Key Features

  • Dynamic flap-folding system power folds all bottom flaps
  • Positive mechanical case hold-down keeps box in place for hands-free loading
  • Uni-Drive squaring technology that provide consistent and uniform seal on cases
  • Unitized and quick tool-less case size change
  • Designed and built in North America with premium materials
  • Reliable, consistent “no break” tape advance with Dekka SE22 stainless steel tape heads

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