American Film & Machinery’s WSN-GEN S Steam Heat Tunnel for shrink sleeve label and tamper-evident band applications suits middle, full body and cap, and full body shrink needs.


The AFM WSN-GEN S is ideal for shrink labeling in the manufactured goods industry — including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Enhance Your Performance With the GEN S Steam Heat Tunnel

The GEN S steam shrink tunnel offers precise shrink labeling, making products stand out. The WSN-GEN S provides:

  • Reliable results: The GEN S channels steam heat to give a sleek, quality finish, offering consistent results with every product. The steam tunnel provides an improved contour over radiant heat sources. 
  • Seamless integration: The easy-to-assemble, compact design seamlessly integrates the GEN S heat shrink tunnel into your workspace. The robust stainless steel machine includes a 3- or 6-meter conveyor, a built-in 30-kilowatt boiler and adjustable tiers.
  • Performance-driven design: The GEN S tunnel has a wide opening, enabling you to shrink sleeve various goods. The four adjustable steam dispensers hit items radially, horizontally and vertically, giving uniform results. Changing up products is easy, safe and quick with controls.
  • Versatility: The durable design, low cost of ownership, maximum uptime and flexibility of the GEN S make the system the ideal solution for your shrink labeling and tamper band needs.

Optimize Your Operations With an All-In-One Tunnel

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