Continuous Motion Side Sealer

The Texwrap Continuous Motion Side Sealer is a popular choice in many industries. This equipment offers high-speed capability, versatility, improved sealing quality, ease of operation, reduced waste and increased productivity.

This continuous motion side seal shrink wrapper features Texwrap Versa Seal technology for high speeds. These machines are capable of producing packaging up to three shifts a day, seven days a week. The conveyor operates up to 140 feet per minute, which maximizes your packaging speed without compromising the integrity of its moving parts.

About the CSS-2011 Side Sealer

Operations use the Texwrap CSS-2011 Side Sealer for constant and consistent packaging due to its durability and easy-to-operate design. Wrap a wide range of products in many sizes with configurations that accommodate various shrink-wrapping requirements.

Standard auto-spacing control enables operators to vary conveyor speeds between each product. This side sealer can also handle randomly fed or tightly packed products. The equipment spaces these products precisely and consistently using the minimum amount of film required.

Features of the Texwrap CSS-2011 Side Sealer

With this sealer’s high speeds, operations can experience higher productivity and efficiency. It can run continuously without interruption — ideal for higher-volume production lines that have less manpower.

Additional features of the Texwrap CSS-2011 Side Sealer include:

  • Increased speeds due to Motion Trim™ 
  • Easy to cover tall packages with enhanced sealing performance
  • The exclusive Texwrap Versa Seal side seal 
  • Automatically fine-tune bag length
  • Servo vertical end seal
  • Low film unwind with centerfolder 
  • 11″ cross seal height opening 
  • Reduced film drag due to adaptable film inverting head and controlled air-bearing surfaces
  • Automatic speed maximizer that brings the machine up to top speed when required
  • Lift out for easy maintenance access with safety interlocked sliding doors
  • Internal scrap windup system
  • Flexible configuration
  • Made in the United States

Benefits of the CSS-2011 Side Sealer

As a continuous motion side sealer, the Texwrap CSS-2011 is versatile and can package a wide range of products, including food items, pharmaceuticals and household items. The continuous motion side sealing provides a high-quality seal while maintaining a consistent sealing temperature. A strong, uniform seal with each wrapping reduces the risk of damage during transportation and storage, which can save your operation both money and time.

The Texwrap Continuous Motion Side Sealer is easy to operate with user-friendly controls. Boost your operation’s efficiency with a streamlined loading and unloading process each time. This sealer is designed to work continuously for long periods of time with minimal maintenance. As a result, you can reduce downtime and experience increased productivity.

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