Continuous Motion Side Sealer

A perennial favorite of contract packagers, wrappers like the 2011SS and its predecessor the 2203 with its 10″ high, 20″ wide product capacity, and 100 feet per minute conveyor speeds is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes and configurations.

Texwrap 2011SS Features & Benefits

  • 11″ cross seal height opening
  • Servo vertical end seal
  • Texwrap’s exclusive Versa Seal side seal
  • Safety interlocked sliding doors- lift out for easy maintenance access
  • Low film unwind with optional centerfolder
  • Motion Trim™ for increased speeds
  • Adjustable film inverting head with controlled air bearing surfaces for reduced film drag
  • Horizontal and vertical photo eye controlled cross seal system to provide automatic adjustment of bag length
  • Automatic speed maximizer (automatically brings machine up to top speed for a given set up)
  • Enhanced sealing performance for tall packages
  • Internal scrap windup system