Intermittent Motion L Sealer

At Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc., we provide full-service packaging solutions including materials, equipment, parts and service. Our industry knowledge will help you optimize your packaging processes. Intermittent motion seal systems are popular in the packaging industry due to their ability to improve packaging quality and reduce waste. This system is particularly useful in shrink packaging, where a tight seal is essential to maintain product quality.

A main benefit of intermittent motion L sealer systems is their ability to create a strong, uniform seal. Intermittent motion sealers only seal the packaging when it is stationary for consistent results each time.

About the Texwrap 2215L Sealer

Texwrap sealers have L-seal applications and are designed for reliability and speed. The manufacturing of the Texwrap 2215L Sealer is set to the same standard as high-speed wrappers. These adaptable units can run consistently and wrap up to 50 products per minute.

The Texwrap 2215L Sealer includes an automatic dwell time compensator, swivel operator panel and low-mount film cradle. The modern touchscreen library makes it simple to recall setups for packaging. This product also features Texwrap’s one-of-a-kind Motion Trim™ technology and 100 FPM conveyor speeds. Take advantage of the fastest L-sealers in the industry for your business with Texwrap.

AC VFD drives, Allen-Bradley controls and restricted service-level menus benefit both operator and maintenance staff workflows. With a wide range of options, Texwrap offers many of the most competitively priced motion seal machines.

Features for the 2215L Sealer

The intermittent motion L seal wrappers include the following features:

  • Variable speed conveyors (20-100 FPM)
  • Front or rear product edge trip
  • Hot knife seal system that is thermostatically controlled for efficient and consistent operation in the long term
  • Enhanced guarding standards
  • Multi-packing option that facilitates single-lane unitizing into one package
  • “Smooth Mate” contoured exit conveyor for assistance with smoothly transferring products
  • Tubular steel construction with powder coat finish 
  • Low profile “lay-on” cradle with power film unwind 
  • Password-protected user levels for the product library 
  • Automatic dwell time compensators
  • Swing arm control panel for efficient operator access
  • Made in the USA

Benefits of the 2215L Sealer

This multi-packing L sealer is an attractive choice for sustainability requirements within manufacturing. The machine uses only the exact amount of material needed to create each seal. As a result, operations can reduce waste and make the best use of packaging materials. Since the sealer only operates when the packaging is stationary, the result is less energy usage and a smaller carbon footprint.

In addition to seal strength and material efficiency, intermittent motion seal systems offer increased flexibility in packaging size and shape. Intermittent sealers can accommodate a wide range of shapes and sizes compared to other types of packaging systems. This feature is specifically useful in shrink packaging and custom packaging solutions.

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