Intermittent Motion Side Sealer

The Texwrap 2410 Intermittent Motion Side Sealer seals the edges of plastic film in short intermittent bursts. In contrast, a continuous motion side sealer seals the edges of the film in a continuous uninterrupted motion. Advantages of using an intermittent motion side sealer during the packaging of your products include greater efficiency, reduced maintenance and more versatility.

About the 2410 Side Sealer

The Texwrap ISS-2410 offers flexibility and can wrap small and large objects alike. The conveyor speeds go up to 100 feet per minute with varying speed options. For randomly fed or tightly spaced items, this side sealer separates them precisely for consistent packaging that utilizes the least amount of film.

Features of the Texwrap 2410 

The Texwrap 2410 is flexible and easy to use with the option for operators to vary the conveyor speeds and relax the film between wrapping each product. Additional features include:

  • Motion Trim™ technology increases throughput while seal jaws are in motion by running infeed and exit conveyors
  • Standard auto-spacing control via horizontal and vertical photo eyes to create consistent spacing between each product
  • Automatic bag length adjustment by the controlled cross seal with support from the horizontal and vertical photo eyes
  • Independent conveyor controls with infeed and exit lines that are programmable to varying speeds for optimized throughput
  • Consistent seal quality with little maintenance required
  • Easy-to-use swivel arm
  • HMI interface with access to programmed recipes
  • Heavy-duty welded steel base frame
  • Ergonomic low-mount film cradle
  • Made in the USA

Advantages of the Texwrap ISS-2410

With an intermittent motion side seal shrink wrapper, you can benefit from increased precision as it seals the edges of the film. The Texwrap 2410 sealer can be programmed to seal in short, precise bursts rather than a continuous motion. As a result, it can more accurately follow the contours of the product being packaged, ensuring the film is sealed tightly around every curve. This precision helps create a more secure and professional-looking package.

This intermittent motion side sealer offers greater efficiency due to its speed while sealing the edges of the film with less waste. Experience seal quality across an extensive range of film types and gauges with minimal or no adjustment.

In addition, the Texwrap ISS-2410 is low-maintenance. The intermittent nature of the side sealing process puts less stress on the sealing elements. They move less frequently, which means they can last longer and require less maintenance.

This versatile sealer can handle a wide variety of products and packaging materials. The speed and pressure of the sealing elements can be adjusted to accommodate different types of materials and products.

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