Eastey Easy Packer

The Eastey Easy Packer streamlines manual case packing, minimizing your maintenance and production labor. Optional extended side rails, flap closing bars and anvil pack stations speed up packing and sealing.

Easy Packer Key Features

  • Option of anvil packing station for easy case packing 
  • Option of no anvil packing station, to be used with Eastey’s EX-CF Carton Former
  • Compatibility with Eastey’s Easy-Taper tapehead
  • Plug-in and go operation
  • 12-gauge, powder-coated steel
  • Top and bottom tape cartridges
  • Industrial-strength side belts
  • Adjustable leg extensions
  • Simplified box size changes
  • Accommodation for a wide case range
  • Casters for transportation 

Benefits of the Easy Packer Side Belt Case Taper

The Easy Packer is among the market’s most reliable and robust case tapers, and it offers various benefits:

  • Durable design: The Easy Packer’s strong frame and design mean minimal maintenance. 
  • Easy operation: The case taper simplifies packing and sealing, providing an exceptional alternative to manual taping.
  • Minimal downtime: The design makes the Easy Packer simple to adjust. Use the cranks and knobs to quickly align the machine to your needs.
  • Quality engineering: The dual drive motors, side belts and roller table streamline your operations. The 12-gauge steel frame withstands rugged applications and the powder coating ensures longevity.  
  • Convenient sealing: The Easy Packer machine takes minutes to learn how to operate. Using the device means minimizing production breaks and downtime while speeding up efficiency — offering your business an exceptional return on investment (ROI). 

Using the Easy Packer to Tape and Pack

Using the case taper to pack and seal boxes is simple:

  1. Open the box and fold the bottom back and front flaps.
  2. Place the case on the anvil for filling.
  3. Close the top flaps.
  4. Run the filled case through the machine to seal.

Streamline Your Operations With an Easy Packer Case Taper

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