Texwrap Shrink Wrapper Equipment

CSS Series Side Seal Wrappers 

LSS Series Lap Seal Wrappers 

OVS Series Vertical Wrapper 

TLS Series L-Sealer

Side Seal Wrappers 

The CSS Series is Texwrap’s continuous-motion side seal for applications demanding high throughput speeds and maximum package flexibility.

The CSS Series “box-motion” style wrappers are some of Texwrap’s most popular machines due to their speed and versatility. The end seal moves horizontally with the product as the seal is made. When the seal is complete, the head raises and the carriage returns to make the next seal. The servo driven seal gives the operator control of dwell time and seal pressure from the touchscreen. The CSS-2011 uses Texwrap’s patented hybrid pneumatic cam system allows very fast back and forth movement of the carriage to seal and separate packages − without the harsh stops and starts inherent in competitive systems. Additionally, Texwrap’s exclusive Motion Trim (TM) technology electronically minimizes the motion of the end seal. Each machine is equipped with Texwrap’s patented Motion Trim™ technology and conveyor speeds up to 140 feet per minute. The result is a machine that maximizes speed yet minimizes wear on moving parts.

Lap Seal Wrappers

LSS Lap sealers are most popular in applications which call for long runs of same-sized product.

Lap sealers are most popular in applications which call for long runs of constant-sized products because each product requires an individually sized plow and a specific width of film to be stocked. Texwrap’s LSS Series machines employs patented Texwrap technology that ensures the machine creates a consistent, quality seal at a high speed, and are robust enough to run continuously, 3 shifts per day, 7 days a week. Either the Motion Trim or Orbital motion technologies ensure that the resulting machine maximizes speed yet minimizes wear on moving parts.

 Vertical Seal Wrappers 

Now products such as bottles, cans and jars can be wrapped while in the vertical position.

The Texwrap OVS Series Vertical Seal Systems are ideal for end-of-filling line shrink packaging. The OVS Series machines use a full top or bottom trim seal instead of a lap seal to securely enclose the product. Often used to multipack for retail sale, the precise product and film control of the OVS series allows high speed operation with precise print registration. Combine with an Automatic Label Positioning System and all the labels in of a multipack of product will be facing precisely the same direction. The sealing system on these wrappers is Texwrap’s patented servo orbital motion head. This eliminates the need for the carriage to move with the product while the seal is being made, which dramatically increases the throughput speed of the wrapper.

L-Seal Wrappers

Shrink Wrapping systems with in a wide variety of applications

L-sealers received its name for L-shaped seal formation which simultaneously makes the end and side seal of one package as well as the front seal of the trailing packaging. L-Sealers fit applications where speeds are slow to moderate or where space is limited, and are affordable, versatile wrappers within a certain range of product sizes. The L-Sealer design also includes a fully automatic product indexing & package length adjustment by either horizontal or vertical electric eye to accommodate most package configurations, plus low-mount film cradle, swivel operator panel, and touchscreen recipe library to easily recall package setups. The ST-2215R offers the best fit in operations where space is at a premium, where the need is for an automatic wrapper that is simple and easy to operate.