Automated Packaging Benefits

Automated Packaging Benefits

The invention of automated packaging equipment revolutionized packaging. Industries like e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing use automated packaging lines and enjoy benefits ranging from productivity to cost savings and scalability. Automated machinery is worth the investment for large-scale packaging requirements.

This article outlines the benefits of automated packaging lines over manual processes. We’ll also explain common types of automated machinery. With this information, you can decide if automated packaging equipment is right for your business.

What Is an Automated Packaging Line?

An automated packaging line can complete packaging processes with little to no manual labor. These lines use computers, programming, robotics and other technology to place products in boxes, wrap them in plastic, add labels and put them on pallets. An automated packaging line can complete nearly every part of the packaging process.

Before the introduction of automated machinery, workers packaged goods by hand. Even more complex packaging required repetitive, strenuous and tiring manual work. Automated packaging lines need fewer workers and make packaging quick and seamless.

Advantages of Automated Packaging Lines

Automated machinery offers businesses a chance to save money and time — your packaging process will never be the same. Learn more about the many benefits of automated packing lines.

1. Efficiency

The most significant benefit of automated packaging is efficiency. Compared to human workers, these machines can complete tasks much faster. The time savings alone can reduce packaging timelines by days, helping you improve output and meet tight deadlines.

Additionally, automated machinery only uses the required amount of energy and material. This precision and resourcefulness will further improve efficiency. While workers may make mistakes, machines have a low margin of error and create little waste.

2. Cost Savings

Automated packaging lines provide significant cost savings. The biggest cause of these savings is the reduction in manual labor. Automated machines require less manual intervention, allowing businesses to reduce their labor costs. Businesses can then direct human capital to other tasks that need a human touch.

Businesses also save money through automated packing by reducing material costs. The machines make fewer errors and use an optimal amount of material, so there is little waste. With less material and labor costs, your business can increase its profit margin.

3. Sustainability

Automated packaging machines can help businesses increase their sustainability efforts, primarily by reducing waste. Machines use the exact amount of required material for each product and make fewer mistakes. This results in lower material usage and less waste, which is better for the environment. Most modern machines also offer energy savings, helping to lower energy consumption.

4. Consistency


The primary reason most businesses turn to automation is to improve production quality. There is little room for human error with automation. Machines deliver the same results each time, resulting in a consistent output. Some advanced machines can even detect errors, further improving quality.

If there are strict regulations for packaging in your industry, an automated machine will help you remain compliant. Packaging consistency will also improve your reputation with customers and clients.

5. Productivity

Automated packaging lines also enhance productivity. Machines don’t need to rest or take breaks, so they can continue through the night and on weekends with little supervision. This constant uptime will increase output and productivity. If your business ever faces a labor shortage, the packaging process can mostly continue unaffected. Thanks to automation, your business can limit delays and downtime.

6. Safety

Workers within most manufacturing industries are at risk of injury. Repetitive tasks — like wrapping and sealing — can cause muscle and joint strain, with the potential for serious injury increased when heavy goods are involved. These injuries require medical attention and time off to heal. While operating machinery, workers could also accidently harm themselves. Businesses can rely on insurance for these cases, but more claims may raise insurance rates. Using automated machinery may improve staff safety and reduce workplace injury claims. Plus, workers will be happier performing fewer monotonous tasks.

7. Scalability

You can grow your business effectively by investing in automated packaging lines. Thanks to their speed, these machines can achieve more than workers in the same time frame. With quicker packaging processes, you can get your products to market in less time. Machines will also increase production, letting you take on more orders and larger quantities. What’s more, the cost savings they provide will improve profitability. If you’re looking to scale your business, automated machinery is a successful method.

Types of Automated Packaging Machinery

Various equipment is available for businesses looking to automate their packaging processes. Choosing suitable machines is essential for efficiency and getting the highest return on investment. The following are some examples of core machines used for automated packaging:

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Automate Packaging Processes With Viking Plastic Packaging, Inc.